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Cloud Hosted Chat Solution

iFlyChat Server


With iFlyChat, websites need not worry about setting chat server of their own. iFlyChat server will take care of the hosting part and will provide a hassle free setup of chat system. We use latest onCloud technology which gives a faster chatting experience to all users of your website.




Popup chat for Drupal, Worpress and other PHP

Attractive Pop Up Chat


Interact with users and customers of website using public and private rooms. Users can browse and chat simultaneously.





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Embedded Chat room

Make your chat larger and roomier by embedding it to a page. Fully customizable CSS.

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What they say about iFlyChat?


iFlyChat has brought my site to life; from a boring old forum, to what my customers are calling their new facebook
 - Paul, Block Story


We tested many alternatives and liked this best because it is simple, effective, and off-loads the traffic to iFlyChat's servers.
 - Jason, VOF Online


I found iFlyChat to be the perfect chat system for my women's community. It is light, quick and works like a charm.
 - Elena, Periodofertile