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How can I Kick/Ban/BanIP of a user?

Kick, Ban and Ban IP can be used by Chat Admins and Chat Moderators.

Kick command disconnects the user from the chat for 15 minutes. User can come back to chat after 15 minutes after refreshing the page.

Ban command bans a user from using the chat. User can not chat even after refreshing the page. 

Ban IP bans the IP address of a system. If a user is spamming from different user accounts, then Ban IP can be used to stop the spamming.

Chat Admin or Moderators can Kick/Ban/BanIP a user from Profile Card in the Chat as shown below. Profile Card can be accessed from Chat List and Chat Window in both Popup and Embed Chat.



Chat Admin or Moderators can Kick/Ban/BanIP a user from App Dashboard.​ 

Here, go to Online Users and you will see the following screen where you can Kick/Ban/BanIP a user.



Chat Admins or Moderators can Unban a banned user or banned IP from App Dashboard.

Now go to User Moderation tab. Here you can Unban a user or an IP.