Install Nodejs Chat Plugin

Learn how to install iFlyChat on Nodejs


A real-time enterprise chat solution.


$ npm install iflychat


Step 1: Generate APP ID and API Key from and use these credentials in your module.

var iFlyChat = require('iflychat'); //load iflychat module.

let apiKey = 'your-api-key';
let appId = 'your-app-id';

iFlyChat.init(apiKey, appId);

Step 2: To create a user, you just need to call the setUser() function with user_details object as a parameter. For example,

var user_details = {
'user_id': 'testUid', // string (required)
'user_name': 'testUsername', //string (required)
'is_admin': false, //boolean (optional)
'user_avatar_url': 'test-user-avatar-url', // string (optional)
'user_profile_url': 'test-user-profile-url', // string (optional)


Step 4: Now, to access iflychat you just need to call getToken() or getHtmlCode() function .

getToken() - it returns a json object on success and false on error.

property values
key 'token-to-access-iflychat'
expires_in 'validity-of-chat-token'
iFlyChat.getToken(function(error, response){
// sample response { key: 'NC1d0jeF063WZfGzzwlcrmvnXNwUs4U94mnjkUNdGlja5Jo20KxTPQmqXV1479970606204aZXKGeduLCNdpKWgUA19DrSnlEffYvCgQsj4t12HvsYkcCXbcf5r4ZH4K', expires_in: 147997059140515780 }

getHtmlCode() - returns script tags to load popup chat and chat files and false on error.

iFlyChat.getHtmlCode(function(error, response){
//your code