Hide popup chat on a PHP page

You may hide the popup chat on a PHP page as explained below:

Define a settings array with one of the indexes as SHOW_POPUP_CHAT. This index should be set to FALSE.

$settings = array(

Pass this settings array as the third argument while initializing the object of iFlyChat class.

$iflychat = new iFlyChat(APP_ID, API_KEY, $settings);

So the complete code will look like this:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php'; //path to your autoload.php

use Iflylabs\iFlyChat;

$settings = array(

$iflychat = new iFlyChat(APP_ID, API_KEY, $settings);

<?php print $iflychat->getHtmlCode(); ?>

That's it. Now the popup chat won't appear on the PHP page.

Note: Please note that in order to render embed version of the chat you would need to add embed code separately.