How to delete a room using iFlyChat API?

You can use iFlyChat API to programmatically delete any room.

Header Table

Make a HTTP POST request to the following url:

Url Type{id}/delete POST

where {id} is the id of the room which you want to delete.

Request Attribute

This HTTP request should include following parameters:

Attribute Type Description
api_key String The private API key of your website

Response Attribute

The response would be following:

Attribute Type Description
Object JSON It would return { success: true }

Curl Command

This the sample curl command required to make HTTP request:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d "{\"api_key\":\"Wr4vpoJ_ET3lpBdX9E9TutUic4Dgb-gc7RGzuZvKqZgW55\"}`


This is the sample response:

"success": true