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WordPress chat plugin:

Fully featured chat for WordPress websites

A perfect chat platform for your WordPress blog, website, or app. Keep your WordPress members engaged and retained by using our real-time chat.  

 Single sign-on with the WordPress user system

  Built-in integration with WordPress membership plugins

 Advanced monetization with WooCommerce 

Monetize your WordPress website using chat

Create an ad-monetization or membership business along with pay-per-view, pay-per-content, or pay-per-min on your WordPress website over the chat

Be the most engaging and relevant WordPress website for your niche

Offer a world class chat experience to your members of your community to drive engagement and retention. Use chat to enable your WordPress members to get expert advice from your team and give them a platform to interact with each other.

  • Personalized 1:1 advice: Share 1:1 advice about your domain with WordPress members
  • AMA with experts: Group chat to share exclusive updates within your niche and give your members an opportunity to express themselves
  • Dedicated channel: Create dedicated channels for every topic or interest area to share latest updates and news. 

Use monetization tools over the chat and create a new revenue stream

Provide your WordPress members critical updates and analysis over chat behind the paywall. Create a membership business using chat.

  • Pay per min: Share 1:1 advice on your niche with VIP members and charge a per minute or session fee
  • Subscription: Different membership levels for access to different chats based on topics or interest areas

  • Affiliate Tools: Upsell premium tools and deals over the chat and generate more revenue

  • Ad monetization: Unlock additional revenue by showing relevant text and video ads over the chat
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Protect your WordPress community from trolls with robust chat moderation

Use iFlyChat powerful dashboard to monitor WordPress members and moderate conversations. 

  • Moderate WordPress members: Block trolls based on their name or IP address for a specific duration or permanently.
  • Monitor Group Chats: Assign moderators for each chat & keep on top of all the conversations
  • Suppress Spam: Focus more on conversations & less on moderation with our AI powered profanity filter and spam flood protection.
Block troll from your DFS community

How it works


Create a chat for your WordPress website

Signup and create an account on iFlyChat and select one of the preconfigured chat templates.


Install our chat plugin on your WordPress website

Place the above credentials in our WordPress chat plugin and start using chat in less than 5 minutes


Create channels for different topics 

Create dedicated channels for different types of topics and interest areas on your WordPress website 

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