Installation on Wordpress

Installation on Wordpress


Steps to install on Wordpress


  • Step 1 : Go to Wordpress admin dashboard. Go to Plugin-> Add New. Search for iFlyChat.



  • Step 2 : In the search results, locate iFlyChat and click on Install Now link.




  • Step 3:  Then you will be asked to confirm to install the plugin. Click OK.




  • Step 4: Enter FTP details of your website and click 'Proceed' (Optional step, may not be valid for all sites).




  • Step 5: Now, Activate the iFlyChat Plugin by clicking on 'Activate Plugin' link as shown below.




  •   Step 6 - Next, you need to generate an API key in order to use our servers securely with your website. To do so go to and signup to create a new    account.


Signup at


  •  Step 7 - Now, go to Dashboard and Generate a new API key for your domain name.


Go to Dashboard


Generate a new API key

Generate a new API key for your domain


  •  Step 8 - Copy the newly generated API key.


Copy API key


  •  Step 9 - Go back to your Wordpress Website Admin Dashboard . On left side panel, Go to Settings-> iFlyChat Settings. Paste the API key in the API key field.

                          Click Update and its DONE.




WordPress iFlyChat Plugin Settings