iFlyChat Popup Format
iFlyChat Popup Format

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iFlyChat is trusted by 5000+ companies including:
Coke Stanford Loreal US Aid


What is unique about iFlyChat?


Cloud Hosted Chat Solution =

iFlyChat Server


With iFlyChat, websites need not worry about setting chat server of their own. iFlyChat server will take care of the hosting part and will provide a hassle free setup of chat system. We use latest onCloud technology which gives a faster chatting experience to all users of your website.




Popup chat for Drupal, Worpress and other PHP =

Attractive Pop Up Chat


Interact with users and customers of website using public and private rooms. Users can browse and chat simultaneously.





Example of Embedded Chat Room - iFlyChat



Embedded Chat room

Make your chat larger and roomier by embedding it to a page. Fully customizable CSS.

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