Joomla 2.5 Chat Module

Joomla 2.5 Chat Module


Steps to install chat on Joomla 2.5



  • Step 2: Go to Extension Manager within Administration section.

iFlyChat Joomla - Extension Manager


  • Step 3:  Next, upload the package zip file and install it.  


iFlyChat Joomla - Upload and Install



  • Step 4: Next, you need to generate an API key in order to use our servers securely with your website. To do so go to and signup to create a new account.


Signup at


  •  Step 5: Now, go to Dashboard and Generate a new API key for your domain name.


Go to Dashboard


Generate a new API key

Generate a new API key for your domain


  •  Step 6: Copy the newly generated API key.


Copy API key


  •  Step 7: Navigate back to your Joomla Administration page. Go to Component -> iFlyChat


iFlyChat Joomla - Open iFlyChat Component


  •  Step 8: Paste the API key as shown below and then click on Save & Close


iFlyChat Joomla - Paste API key


iFlyChat Joomla Component - Click on Save

  •  Step 9: Go to Module Manager.


iFlyChat Joomla - Open iFlyChat Module


  •  Step 10: Open iFlyChat module from the list.


iFlyChat Joomla - Select iFlyChat Module


  •  Step 11: Change the following settings (shown below):
    • ​Show Title - Hide
    • Position - Select an appropriate position (like footer - positon-7)
    • Status - Published
    • Module Assignment - On all pages


iFlyChat Joomla - Select iFlyChat Module


  •  Step 12: Click on Save & Close. That's it! You are good to go.


iFlyChat Joomla - Save module settings


  • Optional: To Embed Chatroom in a Joomla page, click here.