Our Team

Our Team

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Shashwat Srivastava

Founder and CEO

Known as Darklrd in Drupal, Authored a book with Packt Publishing, Participated in Google Summer of Code Twice, Open Source Enthusiast, Founder of bOtskOOl.com, Delhi College of Engineering Alumni, Worked with Oracle, Gamer at Heart, Pizza Maniac, Unconventional.

Shubham Gupta

Founder and COO

Began startup Journey with bOtskOOl.com, Computer Science Graduate from Delhi College of Engineering, ECell-DCE, Spent a summer at Royal Bank of Scotland crunching numbers, Ex- SAP Labs, Political Enthusiast, Foodie, Badminton, Selectively Workaholic. 

Vivek Kumar

Software Developer

Dota addict, Mechanical Engineer from DCE, web enthusiast, enjoys reading lots of novels.

Anmol Srivastava

Software Developer

Computer Engineer, loves programming, gyming, MUFC fan, enjoys Counter Strike, movies when idle.

Amit Kumar

Software Developer

Graduated from IIIT Allahabad, loves coding, sports, travelling to new places, technology enthusiast.

Kamal Sharma

Software Developer

Startup and tech enthusiast, weekend hacker, loves learning and building stuff, enjoying life, LNMIIT graduate.



Our Wonderful Interns


Prashant Yadav 

Summer 2014

Loves visiting new places, Computer Science Student, Likes trying out new Gadget, Organising college events, Enjoys Coding.

Raghav Gupta 

Summer 2014

Computer Science Student, likes Developing new things, Mathematics Lover, Foodie, Optimistic, TV series buff, Tennis.

Saheb Preet Singh

Summer 2014

Optimistic, Quick Learner, Loves Linux, Open Source, Mathematically : coding * hacking = living^n, n>>1.

Rohit Jain 


Loves developing stuff that just works, Open source enthusiast and loves contributing to community, Full time student, weekend hacker, Loves watching cricket and sitcoms.

Tarun Narang 

Winter 2013

Open source developer, positive towards life, self driven person, Engineering student, Loves playing badminton and table tennis.

Nikhil Gaur

Summer 2013

Computer Science Student, programming maniac, gamer, fun loving, trekking enthusiast, politically neutral, cricket-philiac.