What makes 10000+ customers like iFlyChat?

What makes 10000+ customers like iFlyChat?

What makes 5000+ customers like iFlyChat?


Popup Chat

Attractive Pop Up Chat

Interact with users and customers online using public and private rooms. Users can browse and chat simultaneously.

Shoutbox iFlyChat

Embedded Chat Room

Make your chat larger and roomier by embedding it to a page. Fully customizable CSS. Try demo here.

Group Chat

Group Chat

Group chat enables users to chat in groups. Users can chat with specific set of people simultaneously.

Tight Integration with CMS


iFlyChat is tightly integrated with Drupal, Wordpress, Buddypress and Phpfox. PHP library is also available for iFlyChat. More integrations and libraries are coming soon.

Cross Platform Chat

Cross Platform Chat

iFlyChat is a cross platform chat solution. It can be integrated in your website and mobile applications using iFlyChat Mobile SDKs.

Guest Login

Anonymous Users

Anonymous users can be allowed to participate in the chat. Such users are assigned random names which can be changed by the user himself.

Secure SSL

Secure Chat (SSL)

No need to worry about security of conversations. We provide automatic encryption for SSL based sites.

Tab sync

Tab Synchronisation

What if you are working in multiple browser windows / tabs and chatting simultaneously? It is totally covered. All tabs will be synchronized automatically. The user can talk from any tab.

Theme customisation

Theme Customisation

Customize look and feel of the chat to match your website. Color and font of the text can also be changed. Labels like chat list and public chatroom header can also be customized in any language.

Sound control

Sound Notification

You can control chat sound notification. If you are busy and dont want to be disturbed, just mute the sound and you are good to go.

Chat Content Moderation

Control swearing in public or private chat rooms. Spamming of URLs can also be stopped by setting up chat moderation at configuration page.

Chat moderation

Delete Chat Messages

Chat Moderator/Admin can delete a single message or clear entire chat history of any conversation. This feature can also be switched off.

File attachment

File Attachment

Share files, images and documents of formats like pdf, docx, png etc with other chat users privately or in a public chat room.

Engage Users

Chat Content Engagement

Engage users of chat by sharing videos, pictures,and URLs from across the web. Users can also express emotions using our customisable Emoticons set.



iFlyChat is language friendly. All chat strings can be translated into any language.

User Moderation - Kick or Ban or BanIP

User Moderation

Chat admins can Kick, Ban or Ban IP of the users who do not abide by the rules and regulation of the chat

Chat Logs

Chat Logs

All chat logs are saved and are available for chat admins to see. You can switch off logging if you wish.

iFlyChat Customer Support

Customer Support

We provide personalised support to all our customers. Be it installation query or feature request we try to be there for all our customers always.

User Profile

User Profile

User avatar can be enabled or disabled. If user doesn't have a profile picture, then default avatar is shown. Users can also set their availability status.

iFlyChat API and Javascript SDK

Javascript & REST API Beta

Developers can make use of our API and do some awesome custom stuff to further integrate chat with their website.

Easy to Install

Easy Installation

Will not take more than 10 mintues from installation to configuration. Sign up for Free trial and get started in no time.

Asynchronous Loading

Super Fast 

Quick like a cat, loads super fast. Will not effect load performance of your website, say thanks to our Asyncronous Loading design. 

HTML based chat

HTML Based

Frontend is build on HTML/CSS. Say Goodbye to irritating Java and Flash.