For those who love iFlyChat and want to help us Fly Higher.

If you love our product and would like to help us meet some potential customers, we would be more than happy to welcome you to our developer partner program. We offer 15% monthly recurring commission on all monthly plans and same annual commission on all annual plan subscriptions, made by clients recommended by you. The commission is offered from second customer onwards. For signing up for the program, please write to us at


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limit to commission amount?

No, there is no limit. More the number of customers you send to us, the more you will earn. There is no upper cap.

How and when will you pay me?

You will be paid once in a month via our payment provider as long as the amount is greater than $25.

Till when will I be paid if I get customer(s)?

You will be paid commission for as long as the customer is subscribed to our services.

If someone signs up for a free account with my referral link, but upgrades later, will I get commission?

Yes, definitely you will get commission. Your commission will be adjusted according to every plan upgrade.