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Amazing Drupal Module

Shashwat, I gotta say this is quite possibly the most amazing Drupal module I've ever seen. After chatting with you for a few minutes & opening up links from the chat window, everything works perfectly on each window without any hiccups (with the chat window showing our current chat session on multiple windows).
Like I mentioned to you already, I will be looking forward to enabling this module on my new music startup at http://discography.by & blogging about it on my personal website at http://jayl.ee. I'll let you know when it's done so I can get my website showcased on your module page.
Good luck with this module, I think you have a great business with a solid plan for growth & domination in this niche.

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Re: Amazing Drupal Module

Jay, thank you so much! We are glad that you like it. Hope, it helps in increasing user interaction at your new music site significantly.

All the best for http://discography.by. Hope, you do great! Best wishes :D