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Amazing job, *BRAVO*

This module is an example for everyone.
The module is painless to set up, it just took 10 minutes on my drupal 6 install. 
The free tier is very generous, and if you need more, their pricing is generous as well.
Even more incredible, is that the developer will chat with you as you are installing it and answer any question you might have,  customer support will never feel the same again :) 
5 stars, and when I need more than the free tier, I will not hesitate buying the extra capacity.

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Re: Amazing job, *BRAVO*

Thanks Blockstory for the amazing words, it will encourage iFlyChat in further enhancing our product.

Yesterday I enabled anonymous

Yesterday I enabled anonymous chat.  This immediatelly doubled the subscription rate to my web site.  
Guests came to the site, saw people chatting and that the site is very alive.  This encouraged them to join the conversation and register on the site.  
This simple change works wonders for community building.

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Re: Yesterday I enabled anonymous

Hi blockstory,

Thank you for providing this update.

We are very happy to hear this!

Hope, iFlyChat further helps you in community building.