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iFlyChat is the best plugin for free chat


Hi! I'm Huy, I come from VietNam and I'm a student. I have my blog powered by Wordpress. Recently, many visitors suggest me to put chat room on my blog so they can chat with me without login to Yahoo, Google,...


And I begin search for plugins support chat room. I have found many plugins, but all of it often don't free and complex. iFlyChat is the best plugin with me. First, I looks like Google Chat that I used. So it create a sense of familiarity :). Second, it's simple and easy to use. Because I don't have much money, so I decide to use free account. It's also support many emoticons!


In terms of plugin, it's also comfortable to install. You take only 6 steps to finish. And it make me feel interesting. So one more, I thank you for your iFlyChat team because of wonderful chat plugin for wordpress. And I hope iFlyChat will expand further.


Thank you everybody for watching my post! :)

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Re: iFlyChat is the best plugin for free chat

Thanks NgocHuyPAV!