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Changing styling/sizing for Mobile Chat Button

Really loving what I've seen so far from iFlyChat.  I have a question about changing the mobile chat button styling.  In tablet page style the chat button on the lower right is a bit on the large size.  Feedback from my users was that it obscures content on the webpage.  When the tablet device is turned to landscape orientation the sizing reduces and is much prefered.  How would I be able to change the style for mobile so that the normal portrait orientation screensize would use the smaller, less obtrusive button style?
Also, the site I am using this on has a dark theme.  The mobile chat button is white/very light grey and is a very high contrast.  How would I also be able to style at least the chat button color to work better with my theme?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Changing styling/sizing for Mobile Chat Button

Thank you for your feedback.

We will test this out once.

You may style mobile chat button on your own by adding custom css rules. Please ping us over live chat so that we can discuss this further in detail.