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Chat not appearing all of a sudden

I've been using iFlychat for a week or so, everything was fine except a moment ago where the lower right chat bars disappeared. I've checked my sites' source code as well, the chat box was never loaded, are you guys doing an upgrade at the moment?

More details about the issue

Just to outline more details, I am using the wordpress iflychat plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/iflychat/
Running WordPress 3.3.2
Have the API key generated and installed correctly, didn't touch anything on the site, chat suddenly disappeared around the time when I posted previous message.
Tried it on firefox, chrome, opera, all of them missing the chat box.

I just figured out the

I just figured out the problem in case others run into this.
After you install the wordpress plugin, make sure that the API key generated has "canonical" URL present...
I had 2 API keys generated in dashboard here on forums: example.com and www.example.com
for some reason, example.com stopped working for no reason. I re-generated a 2nd API with "WWW" at the front, re-activated the WP iflychat plugin, pasted api and BAM it works now....
Hopefully this will help others similar to my situation.
Thanks again, awesome chat tool!

I stand corrected, problem

I stand corrected, problem persists...it seems the demo on iflychat website disappeared as well...

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Re: Re: Chat not appearing all of a sudden

Hi vigilance_2003,

Thanks for the update. We are looking into it now.

Update: You don't need to use a new API key, the chat should work fine with the previous one.

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Re: Chat not appearing all of a sudden

Hi vigilance_2003,

Thank you so much for bringing this up. We have restored our chat servers as of now.

Thanks again!


Thanks so much! It seems to work fine now =) still the best tool I've tested

WHen i switch to long pollng

WHen i switch to long pollng it shows again - when i switch to your server it drops off again

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Re: WHen i switch to long pollng

Hi peter.davis,

Please confirm that you are using correct API key. The chat seems to be loading on your site. Are you still facing any problem?


polling method? for wordpress?

Hello again, the chat disappeared on me again today, same problem as last time....is there a polling feature for wordpress? The iflychat on your homepage disappeared as well...tried with every browser too...thanks.

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Re: polling method? for wordpress?

Hi vigilance_2002,

Sorry for the inconvenience. It is up again. No, in WordPress, polling feature is not there. Thanks.

Ah it's no problem, I wonder

Ah it's no problem, I wonder what causes it, maybe it's due to your chat being too popular that server resources peaked? haha

My Chat is ..... puff.... DISAPPEAR! :(

I've migrated my blog on a new and muche expensive domain!
All i right!!! Only ifyChat doesn't works!    WHY???????
Pls.Help me!
ps.In the site before the plugin works right!!!

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Re: My Chat is ..... puff.... DISAPPEAR! :(

Hi there,

Are you using new API key for your new domain?

Please contact us over chat for further discussion.


49.00 dollar upgrade

I payed for the profesisonal upgrade. How do I get the new features?

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Re: Plan Upgrade

Plan was activated on the same day i.e. 14th May 2015. Updating here.

Iflychat doesn't appear

Hi, I have recently buyed the basic plan but it doesn't works in my page www.stahvaina.com/UNIPANA.
Thanks for the help you can give me

I have in my Oxwall website

I have in my Oxwall website the IFlyChat plugin but all the members didn't apeear in time real. For example, 8 members are online but Iflychat only shows 4! Can you help me?

not showing on iphone

Why isn't the chat displaying on users' iphone? 

chat not loading

 any help pls. the iflychat is not loading on the ryt side of my wp siite. thnx in advance.