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Dark theme doesn't work

The dark theme has a few problems. As you can see the shadowing on user names is unreadable.  The link color is far too dark. The input field is far too dark. And the default room icon is missing as well.

The image seems to have been

The image seems to have been removed from the post. Here's the link to it: http://cl.ly/image/1V0s1E1p062f

It appears the color problem

It appears the color problem with the user cannot be fixed through CSS as the color for the user is hard coded:
<a class="user_ifly0x851E281E465E11E38F78CB8AF14FE85E" href="/account/profile/851E281E-465E-11E3-8F78-CB8AF14FE85E" style="color:#222222;">SwallowtailGameStudio.com</a>