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Chatroom Option: Set a Welcome Message

It would be great to set a "welcome message" for each chatroom, ideally with HTML support, or at least clickable links.
For example, when I go to "Manage Rooms" and click "Edit" next to a room, there could be a text box that lets you set a message that everyone sees when they first login or first join the chat (but hopefully not on every single refresh of the page - just once when they login). 
This feature could be very useful, and is a common feature of old Internet Relay Chat - the chatroom subject or message of the day "MOTD" on the server.
Example of usefulness: "Welcome to ABC Company Support Chat. We will work to assist you as soon as we can. You may also want to read the FAQ at http://abc-company.com/faq" 
Example of usefulness: "Welcome to our community chat.  Please make sure you've read the rules at http://community-site.com/chat-rules/ - Enjoy your chat and have fun!"

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Re: Chatroom Option: Set a Welcome Message

Yes, it is possible to show a "welcome message" at the top of chat room with your own custom HTML code. We have added a new funciton named iflychat.renderLabelInChatWindow in our JS SDK for this. Please see this link - https://iflychat.com/docs/sdk/javascript/examples/how-add-custom-label-chat-window.



Ah thank you! I put that

Ah thank you! I put that code in my custom smileys file (chat_smiley_list.js) since it was already being called in the site's header anyway. Seems to work fine.

Still, ideally it would be nice to have something that was more like I described, and doesn't require basic JavaScript knowledge or FTP access to update. That is, something easy in the GUI so that chat moderators can easily set and change the welcome message by editing the chatrooms.