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Stop embedding your Google Analytics into chat

I would appreciate it if I could stop iflychat from embedding your Google Analytics scripts in my site.
When people visit my sites, I want them to know I'm not spying on them - no trackers detected.  However, your use of Google Analytics (hidden in iflychat) makes this impossible.
I realize that Google Analytics can be blocked by each user individually using a browser plugin like Ghostery or NoScript.  However, this is obviously not optimal, as every single user, old and new, would have to do this.
Please include a setting in the configuration panel so that I can "opt out" of embedding your Google Analytics in my site.  I am using DrupalChat, for what it's worth.

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Re: Stop embedding your Google Analytics into chat

Thank you for the suggestion.

We have removed Google Analytics script from chat now. We will provide an option in future to opt-out (on settings page) if we re-use it.

Hope this is helpful.