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I know you are working on the first one of these already. But figured I'd post the rest as well.



Ability to have "offline" be the chat default unless a user marks themselves as online. We are writers, and when we're writing we want to be left alone. Sometimes we don't notice chat is on. OR, if we switch pages to research something our writing partner wrote, chat reloads and shows us as online again until it resorts itself and goes back offline. So then we get people convinced we're ignoring them. It's not great to have a site of creative people if they are all getting upset over things like feeling ignored by potential writing partners. It should be offline no matter what until the user specifically marks themselves as online.


Smileys to match the site's smileys.


Ability to resize the "Who's Online" list height-wise as it really is obtrusive on our site and covers information we don't want covered.


Turn off the chat tab from showing on AdminCP footer.


Ability for user created groups to be deleted after, say, 10 days without any activity.


Ability for regular users to BLOCK chats from someone. We have users who have blocked people from contacting them on the site itself, and yet these people are contacting them on chat and they can't stop them from being able to send the chat messages. This is a cyberbullying issue. As a social networkin site, we NEED to be able to let people choose not to recieve messages from certain people.


Ability for the user to save the conversations. In most chats, you can hit "save conversation" and it'll download a txt file of the conversation. Again, for bullying, this is a much needed, necessary feature. Also a lot of us pre-write posts, or storylines, or discuss ideas for our characters, etc in chats. Being able to save these items is a must.


I've got bullies on my site running arround attacking people in CHAT, who have blocked them on the site itself. I've got people unable to report the conversations, because the person logs out and there isn't a way to "save" the chat conversation after that if both users aren't online with their chats still up. These are HUGE huge security issues. I honestly don't even care about the rest of this list anymore, these two issues are causing me to lose a massive amount of users. I like the chat functionality, but if it's going to cause me to lose the people who are paying FOR the chat, then I simply can't afford it. Please, will a developer answer if these are going to be added at any time soon, so I know if I need to start looking for a more security concious chat.

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Re: Wishlist

Thank you for the wishlist.

We will provide ability to be "offline" by default as a setting option. 

You can change default smileys in chat. Please see this link - https://iflychat.com/documentation/general/how-customize-smileys-iflychat.

We will look into other feature requests as well. It would take time to implement them.

Regarding blocking of users, normal users cannot ban someone in chat. Only chat admins can ban a user or IP. Once banned these users won't be able to access chat? Are you observing something different on your website?



User A is  cyber bullying User B, but isn't misbehaving anywhere else on the site.
So, naturally, User B blocks User A.
Now, I could ban User A from using chat at all, but that's not really feasible as he is only having an issue with User B, not with anyone else.
As it is right now, User A can be totally blocked on the website itself, yet can still send a message to User B on the chat as the chat doesn't let User B block User A from chatting with them privately.
As you can see, that's a huge security issue. With cyberbullying on the rise and laws being enacted against it, as well as regulations getting stricter, we as webmasters MUST keep in place the ability for our users to protect themselves. Right now, having Iflychat enabled means that I could be sued if something happens and 
A- The user wasn't able to block the bully. 
B- The user wasn't able to save the conversation in a text file to be able to document the abuse.
Both of these features are sorely needed here, in order to help the webmasters themselves adhere to their own country's individual laws on cyber attacks and bullying.I've actually had to turn off Iflychat on my system. As without any ability for my users to protect themselves, it was a liability during the first swell of users joining that I couldn't risk. So I've been paying for chat that I haven't even been able to use in 2 months. 

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Re: Example

iFlyChat takes the issue of cyberbullying very seriously.

Towards this end, I would like to inform you that we have developed user to user block feature and preparing it to be released with our new iFlyChat Dashboard.

You should have access to it this month.

Also, the conversations between users are logged (if logging is enabled) and can be viewed from within your website. Could you please contact us via live chat for more information on this?

Hope this is helpful.