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Wishlist part duex

I know someone else has created a wishlist so I'm making one as well......
I'm running the preofessional version and everything is mainly working good, just a few requests.....
Chatrooms.  I have serveral that are "private" rooms and the only way to get them to operate is to embed the code in a wordpress page.  Works ok but I'd reaally rather have them show up the same way that public chatrooms do, on the chatbar. People get lost trying to find the pages no matter how I set it up becuase theya re used to Facebook and how it's chat system works.  Please take a look at Comet Chat and it's functionality.
Buddypress integration to provide Buddypress groups with thier own "private" chatrooms or the ability to create chatrooms (Check) and assign them to Buddypress groups.
I'll add an upvote for popout chat as that is something I was used to with cometchat. 

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Re: Wishlist part duex

Do you want to create chat room in popup chat (which comes up in the user list) for a subset of users (like BuddyPress Groups)?

We are developing a "pop-out" version of chat. Will update this thread with a release date soon.



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Popup chat is what I am

Popup chat is what I am looking for.  Much like you have the Public Chatroom and Customer Care.
I want to be able to add chat to buddypress groups in a tab like forums are added to groups

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Any progress on this?