Capture new revenue opportunities

Keep your players hooked to your games with 1:1 and group chats. Unlock additional revenue by ad-monetization and conversational commerce. 

Gaming chat for players

Be the most engaging gaming platform for your players

Offer a world class chat experience to your players. Use chat to connect players with the rest of the community and help them build their own clans.

  • Duel Invitation: Allow players to send duel invitations and help them find opponent for their next game over 1:1 chat
  • Game Clans: Enable players to create their own game clans to team up and form winning strategies. Give them a place to share their success with their clan whenever they level-up.
  • Dedicated Game Channel: Create dedicated channels for every game for your players giving them an opportunity to find opponents and discuss strategies to level-up
  • Chatbot & Notifications: Re-engage lost players by sending contests, promotions and offers with our chatbot and web push notification

Build immersive chat experience for players and create a new revenue stream

Offer engaging chat experience to your players. Give them a space to create their own clans. Increase user engagement and retention and build traffic with the chat. Capture new revenue opportunities with chat monetization and conversational commerce at the same time.

  • Broadcast offers: Broadcast new contents, offers and promotions with your gaming chatbot and generate more revenue
  • Boost game plays and duels: Increase game plays and duels by using chat to share game and duel invites and unlock additional revenue
  • Subscription: Build a membership business by offering exclusive game clans subscription to your players

Protect your gaming community from trolls with robust chat moderation

Use iFlyChat powerful dashboard to monitor players and moderate conversations. 

  • Moderate Players:Block trolls based on their name or IP address for a specific duration or permanently.
  • Monitor Conversations: Assign game moderators & keep on top of all the conversations
  • Suppress Spam:Focus more on conversations & less on moderation with our AI powered profanity filter and spam flood protection.

How it works


Create a chat for your gaming portal

Signup and create an account on iFlyChat and select gaming template.


Install chat snippet on your gaming website

Put our chat snippet and start using chat in less than 5 minutes


Create channels for various games

Create dedicated channels for different games and clans

Gaming chat for players

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