Create a new revenue stream

Start a membership business by sharing exclusive trade signals over live chat. 

Be the most engaging and relevant community for traders

Offer a world class chat experience to your traders to drive engagement and retention. Use chat to enable traders to trade live with you.

  • AMA Chat: Personalized answers to financial queries for VIP traders
  • Trade Live with Experts: Group chat to share exclusive trade tips & analysis throughout the day
  • Dedicated Stock Channel: Create dedicated channels for different types of stocks & thematic portfolios

Teach others how to trade and create a new revenue stream

Share live trade commentary and latest stock updates over chat and charge subscription fees for it. Create a membership business using chat.

  • Pay per min: Share exclusive stock tips and trading signals and get paid on a per minute basis for the chat session
  • Subscription: Different membership levels for different types of trading signals shared throughout the day over chat
  • Affiliate products: Sell affiliate trading software along with any forecast products inside the chat to earn more
Trading Live Chat
Chat for Trading Community

Protect your trading community from trolls with robust chat moderation

Use iFlyChat powerful dashboard to monitor members and moderate conversations. 

  • Moderate Users: Block trolls based on their name or IP address for a specific duration or permanently.
  • Monitor Conversations: Assign moderators & keep on top of all the conversations
  • Suppress Spam: Focus more on conversations & less on moderation with our AI powered profanity filter and spam flood protection.

How it works


Create a chat for your trading community

Signup and create an account on iFlyChat and select trading template.


Install chat snippet on your trading website

Put our chat snippet and start using chat in less than 5 minutes.


Create channels for various trading signals

Create dedicated channels for different types of trade signals

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