How can guest user change name without logging in?

How can guest user change name without logging in?

So if you have lot of users who would like to browse your site and chat but do not want to sign up or login, this feature is for you. Anonymous/guest users can also chat using our product without having to sign up. Anonymous users are by default assigned random names or random numbers (Admin can configure that).

But now some users would like to change that random name or number to their original name. For those users we have this 'change name feature'.

Name of guest and logged in user is displayed at the top of the user list panel of iFlyChat.  It is shown below -


                                                              iFlyChat Change Name Feature

Name can be changed by clicking on the name itself. A popup will appear where user can give the new name. It is shown in image below - 


                                                             Changing name of guest user

That's it. Now in the below screenshot you can see, name has been updated - 


                                                            After name is changed


If you have any questions regarding this feature, feel free to write to us at or just ping the moderators here.