6 powerful ways to use chat on trading website

Shashwat Srivastava

Shashwat Srivastava

A live chat on your trading website or platform can turn out to be one of the most interesting offerings you have ever thought of. It allows you to provide your traders with benefits they would have never imagined before. For a stock trader keeping track of the news alerts, live streams, stock prices, and announcements become a key thing. Thus, having a platform where you can get these updates in an easy and timely manner can work wonders.

Let’s see a few of the powerful ways to use live chat on your trading website:

1. Single platform for all the stock related communication

What could be better than to have most of the traders on a single platform sharing stock information and news alerts? This especially works in cases where your customers are novice traders and need first-hand easy access. Having communication with a few of the expert traders or taking opinion before making a call makes it a fairly easy job through a chatroom. There are multiple eyeballs sharing information. Here is a screenshot of how the traders are a having discussion on one of our customer’s website.


2. Share files, charts, graphs, and videos over chat

While communicating with other stock traders it becomes essential to prove your point using live images, graphs, video or illustrations. Having a chat option which allows users to share information such as a graph depicting the fluctuations in stock prices over a period of time or news alert discussing how the stock is fairing in the market or a stock alert becomes a crucial thing.


3. Create multiple chatrooms for different stock related discussions

Within a chatroom, you have the ability to create multiple rooms for a variety of discussions. For example, you can create different private chatrooms for different types of stocks (above $x, below $x) or you can have a chatroom especially for the Q&A (question and answer) wherein an expert can resolve the doubts of the newbies. Another chatroom could be strictly moderated and can be used to post alerts, stock watchlist, the latest press release of specific stocks, etc.

4. Provide networking opportunities

To be able to provide traders the option to follow hundreds of members trading in a similar style and trade comprehensively and synergistically becomes a key thing for a stock trading website. Thus a chatroom provides them an option to follow expert traders and discuss strategies on the go and prevents traders from making bad decisions.


5. Real-time information sharing on the go

During stock trading minutes and even seconds play a crucial role. Thus, a chat solution which loads super-fast and without delay (during message syncing or uploading files) helps members share crucial information such as live updates is required. Also, it should be able to support large number of members without any performance issues. Our chat solution, iFlyChat, due to its asynchronous syncing design syncs msgs on the go with 0% delay and performance issue.

6. Ability to moderate the chats

It becomes utmost necessary for you to be able to moderate the stock discussions especially when even seconds play a very crucial role during the trading. Thus chatrooms which provide you with the ability to moderate or block content/users is a mandatory thing. Having been able to set standards/guidelines so that the users might have a clutter-free discussion becomes of utmost importance. Here is a screenshot of some of the features a moderator has access to on iFlyChat chatroom.


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