iFlyLabs got covered in YourStory!

iFlyLabs got covered in YourStory!

We got covered in YourStory earlier this month. First of all, a big thanks to YourStory for publishing story about our company! :) 

Our article in YourStory


You can checkout the article here - http://yourstory.com/2014/06/iflychat/.


The day this article was published we saw an increase of 100% in our site traffic. Usually, there are around 20 customers online on our website. The number peaked around 40 that day.


Here is an screenshot of traffic on our website during that week:

Google Analytics - iFlyChat traffic



Visitors from YourStory website provided us with constructive feedback. And, we got some potential leads also. This has been very exiciting. Thank you everyone!


Moving forward, we will continue to develop chat, make it more feature enriched and integrate it with new content management systems.


We are also working on SDKs for native mobile application development in Android and iOS.


Stay tuned to our blog for updates!  

Posted on Sun, 06/29/2014 - 16:45