iFlyChat for Drupal 6

Yes the title is totally true. iFlyChat is going live for Drupal 6 websites. Although it took us a little while to release it but we are happy that we have  finally released it. Jsut wanted to make sure that it is bug free. Our apologies to all those who had to wait for some time for 'iFlyChat for Drupal 6', but we promise that the wait would prove to be worth it. All the features which are there for Drupal 7 are available for Drupal 6 too. Initially we had some difficulties in downporting all the features but we kept ourselves pushing for a total replica. And yes we achieved it. 

Features of iFlyChat for Drupal 6 websites :-
1) Attractive popup chat
2) Public anf Private one-on-one chats.
3) SSL
4) CSS customization
5) Tab synchronisation
6) Smileys and sound notification
7) Chat logging/ Inbox
8) Kick and Ban users
Now the websites which are build on Drupal 6 can install it within clicks. Drupal 6 websites which are here for some time and dont want to shift to Drupal 7 have nothing to worry about. With powerful chatting tool like iFlyChat, they can work on increasing user interaction on their website. Needless to day, chatting tool is one of the best and easiest way to increase interactions and popularity on websites. 
In case of any queries, feel free to PING US!

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