Internship Experience at iFlyLabs by Saheb Preet

This was not the first time I was looking for an internship. I was looking to work with a startup which always shows lot more than a well established one. Working at startups, tell us how to develop things instead of stabilizing it. One of my friends told me about internship at iFlyLabs, I mailed my resume to

It was the exam time when I got a call from for a small telephonic interview regarding internship opportunity at iFlyLabs. The interview went well and I was given the chance to work for iFlylabs.

The internship started with a warm welcome session on the first day where we were introduced with team members. My work at iFlyLabs was sufficient enough to keep me busy whole day. All of us (interns) were assigned a complete working product from start to end.

The internship was simply awesome. It gave opportunities to learn new frameworks, debugging and getting a hack over them.  Apart from these, I learnt how we can seriously work and have fun at the same time. Worth mentioning are the friday recreational sessions, where we had gaming sessions (counter strike) for half of the day and food from outside. It gave us a motivational touch to relax and boost up our performance.

It has been a month now and it feels great to realize that I am doing some “real” work which is contributing to the company. The team at iFlyLabs consist of young entrepreneurs and all of them are very encouraging. The team is very cooperating and helping.


Saheb Preet Singh 

Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2014

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