iFlyChat Mods for SMF and phpBB

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) and phpBB are two of the most popular forum management systems available these days. Forum softwares are quite useful for building a strong and active community. iFlyChat also aims to do the same. We are strongly dedicated in helping websites build a strong community base with our chat software. So, we thought how useful it will be for forum softwares to have a chat functionality as well. Thus, we started moving in this direction and developed plugins/mods for Simple Machine Forum (SMF) and phpBB. Just like integrations with other CMSs, chat mods for SMF and phpBB are also very easy to install and have all the features. We are quite excited about this and would like to see how our chat software can improve user engagement on forums. 

Do you run an SMF or phpBB based forums? Would like to have a chat functionality for your users? Please get in touch with us and we will get you started in no time!

Installation Guide for iFlyChat on SMF - https://iflychat.com/installation/smf-chat-mod

Installation Guide for iFlyChat on phpBB - https://iflychat.com/installation/phpbb-chat-mod

Feel free to ping contact us in case you have any feedback. Will be happy to help :)

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