The First Post!

Welcome aboard!

We are glad that you are reading our first post. This post is a small introduction about us (as a company) and we will list down the idea behind launching iFlyChat. 

Our company, iFlyLabs, aims to develop web products and applications which will help businesses to grow and Fly Higher. These products will be aimed at increasing interactions between users of website, thereby enhancing user experience. This interaction could occur among different users of a website or between potential customers (visiting a website) and the website support team. It is not just a logical but also statistically proven fact that if there is interaction between website users, then popularity about product/service is bound to increase. Although, there exist many powerful tools in the market which help in increasing popularity of a product, but in today's everchanging e-commerce and social networking industry, importance of chat system specific to a website can not be ignored. What else could be more cool than talking real time to your customers and understanding their needs, demands and concern. So, here we are with our first product iFlyChat which enables you to integrate chat to your Drupal website. It is popularly known as DrupalChat in Drupal community. 

We officially launched today i.e. 22nd June, 2012.


The First Post


Hopefully, this covers all important WHATs and WHYs related to our company. We would love to discuss more in comments section.

We will write more extensively in future blog posts and will use blog as a medium to keep you in sync with our progress & future roadmap. As of now, we will strongly state that "a CHAT system is a must in today's internet businesses!"

Happy Chatting.



Team iFlyChat

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