Feature Update: Share pictures and videos in chat

It is time to take user interaction to next level. Now users can share images and youtube videos in iFlyChat.  We are very excited to release this feature as this will be very beneficial for end users. Users can just paste image or youtube video URL in any chat window and it will automatically be previewed inside the chat. No need to click the link and open it in another tab, just chat while you see image and watch video. How cool is this, right? We believe that this feature will be a major boost to user experience and interaction. Moreover, user will not leave your website to see videos and images.

Here is how youtube video will look inside the chat.


You can also choose to greet everyone with a smiling image of Mickey Mouse rather than a boring 'Hi'.

 Image Sharing - iFlyChat

Do let us know your views about this feature.

To install iFlyChat, please follow the installation guide here

iFlyChat is supported for all PHP based websites and we have plugins with tight integration for Drupal, Wordpress and PhpFox. More coming soon!


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