Internship Experience at iFlyLabs by Raghav Gupta

I started at iFyLabs as a software engineer intern and my main task was to develop a plugin for a particular CMS so that iFlyChat would run on it. At first, I was a little overwhelmed about the vast number of settings and information but gradually I learned to prioritize and manage my tasks. This is one of the many skills I developed there.

In the first week, there was a little chit chat session to break the ice between the fellow interns and to know everyone around, which I think is nice to have. My supervisors were very supportive and understanding, knowing that my time there was a learning experience. They gave us ample time to complete our work and never rushed us. They strike the right balanced that was needed to work efficiently. The experience was both professionally and personally rewarding.

In my opinion interning at a startup gives you more exposure and you get to learn more. One of my favorite part of the internship was Friday on which we would have a little treat and play Counter Strike non-stop for about 3 hours which is an uncommon thing at other workplaces.

In the end it was a great experience I had working at iFlyLabs.


Raghav Gupta

Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2014

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