iFlyChat WordPress Plugin 4.0.0

iFlyChat Plugin 4.0.0. is now available! :)

The option to update to the new version of plugin and chat app should appear within your WordPress Admin Dashboard shortly. Alternatively it may be downloaded from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/iflychat/.

Changes on Plugin's Settings Page as mentioned before, the iFlyChat Setting's Page has been changed significantly. It has been divided into two sections:

  • Plugin Settings
  • App Dashboard

Please review both the sections carefully after updating.

Critical Changes in Chat Settings

  1. Guest Access - The access to guest users will be disabled once you update. To re-enable access for guest (unregistered) users, please follow steps at this link.
  2. Chat Visibility - Chat visibilty option on iFlyChat Settings Page has also been changed. Earlier it used to control visbiliy of both popup and embed chat. Now it will only be applicable for popup chat. Embed chat will show wherever embed code is present and is independent of chat visibility option.

TIP: If chat is still not working, please check that on iFlyChat Settings page if both APP ID and API KEY are present and saved. If these values are missing, please log into your iFlyChat Dashboard.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback - https://iflychat.com/contact.

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