Feature Update: Share pictures and videos in chat

It is time to take user interaction to next level. Now users can share images and youtube videos in iFlyChat.  We are very excited to release this feature as this will be very beneficial for end users. Users can just paste image or youtube video URL in any chat window and it will automatically be previewed inside the chat. No need to click the link and open it in another tab, just chat while you see image and watch video. How cool is this, right? We believe that this feature will be a major boost to user experience and interaction.

iFlyChat plugin launched for WordPress

We are pleased to announce that now iFlyChat is available for WordPress. The process of porting iFlyChat from Drupal to WordPress was completed yesterday. iFlyChat plugin for WordPress contains all the features as in Drupal and should provide smoothless integration to your WordPress sites.

iFlyChat for Drupal 6

Yes the title is totally true. iFlyChat is going live for Drupal 6 websites. Although it took us a little while to release it but we are happy that we have  finally released it. Jsut wanted to make sure that it is bug free. Our apologies to all those who had to wait for some time for 'iFlyChat for Drupal 6', but we promise that the wait would prove to be worth it.

Our First Feature Update


We have been very excited to post this entry for quite some time. This is a new milestone for us.

Today, we are releasing our first major update since the day we launched alpha version.

Although, we have released some small updates since our initial release. In those updates, some bugs were fixed and functionalities were provided but this is huge. We are sure this update will not just add value to our customers but also help them FLY Higher. We are very excited! And, we had posted about it on Facebook and Twitter last week. 

Testing, Testing, and some more Testing

The biggest mistake of a product developer is not testing his/her product rigorously. Results can be disastorous. This is the reason why we allocate sufficient time to it. We always try to maintain a balance between enhancements, testing and bug fixing. We did testing of all the basic functionalities before alpha release of iFlyChat, and, now also we are continuing with it. 

The First Post!

Welcome aboard!

We are glad that you are reading our first post. This post is a small introduction about us (as a company) and we will list down the idea behind launching iFlyChat.