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iFlyChat = DrupalChat / DrupalChat = iFlyChat

Does the titlle of the blog confuse you a little ?

Wondering what is it all about ?

Does the equation 'iFlyChat = DrupalChat' puzzle you?

Do you also think that why DrupalChat and iFlyChat resemble each other?

If you have YES for answer to every question, then you are at right place. Let us answer all the doubts and tell you the real reason of writing this post in the first place. We have been receiving a lot of queries asking about the differences between iFlyChat and DrupalChat. Thankfully we have iFlyChat installed on our website, we are able to answer all through it. Nonetheless, we still want to write about it so as to remove any confusion and doubts.

Question :- So, once again what is the difference between iFlyChat and DrupalChat.

Answer:- In most simplest of words there is NONE.

DrupalChat module was developed way back in 2010 for Drupal websites. And in no time it reached the figure of around 1600+ customers. Many of web admins gave excellent feedbacks, some requested for enhancements and many wanted a much efficient and faster backend.

So keeping in mind that the backbone of a chatting system is its backend, we launched iFlyChat in June, 2012. We decided that we will give our customers a backend with which their project will FLY HIGH. Now question comes that how we are going to do that

1) First, iFlyChat comes with our custom servers which are made just to handle lots of chatting load at a time.

2) Websites dont have to use their own server resources and get hastle free chatiing experience

3) Web admins dont have to maintain servers, we have got that covered.

4) Faster chatting experience.

5) High amount of traffic can be handled by our servers.

6) And many more advance and awesome features about which we will mention in following blogs.

Screenshot: Switching between iFlyChat and DrupalChat.



And websites who feel like using their own servers for backend can configure DrupalChat. Just change backend in module configuration setting to Ajax or Long Polling and you are good to go.

Both of the options(iFlyChat/DrupalChat) are great, it depends on ones need and requirements for selecting one of the two. If you are confused about which option to use just PING US and tell us about your website and we will suggest you the BEST option.

We hope this helped in clearing off the dust on all the confusion.

To install iFlyChat, click here.

Keep reading this space for more updates. Happy Chatting!


Posted on Sat, 06/30/2012 - 01:30

Testing, Testing, and some more Testing

The biggest mistake of a product developer is not testing his/her product rigorously. Results can be disastorous. This is the reason why we allocate sufficient time to it. We always try to maintain a balance between enhancements, testing and bug fixing. We did testing of all the basic functionalities before alpha release of iFlyChat, and, now also we are continuing with it. 

Since the day we have launched the alpha release, we are doing extensive testing. While doing so, we came across an innovative way of doing it. The idea is that "we, the developers of product, know the product too well and as its developer can not see many bugs". Point taken. So, according to it, testing should happen in an environment where developers of a product are not involved. It can be done by someone who is stranger(like first time users) to the product. Today we invited some friends, with their laptops, to help us out. We provided them a test site with iFlyChat/DrupalChat installed (and locked them up in a room :D ). They opened this test site in different browsers, and, chatted amongst themselves. They came out with a huge list of bugs, and since then we are Fixing, Fixing and some more Fixing. But the happiest thing is that we didn't encounter any disastorous bugs and have some little fellas to fix.


Source invisionpower.com

And, for those who don't know this process of testing is called Exploratory Testing. In our opinion, it is cool and awesome, and trust us, this will for sure help you in finding those little clever bugs (in your product) which escape the eyes of developers. You Young Entrepreneurs like us, do try it, and thank us later!

Do share your experience here.

au revoir

Team iFlyChat

Posted on Sat, 06/30/2012 - 01:11

The First Post!

Welcome aboard!

We are glad that you are reading our first post. This post is a small introduction about us (as a company) and we will list down the idea behind launching iFlyChat. 

Our company, iFlyLabs, aims to develop web products and applications which will help businesses to grow and Fly Higher. These products will be aimed at increasing interactions between users of website, thereby enhancing user experience. This interaction could occur among different users of a website or between potential customers (visiting a website) and the website support team. It is not just a logical but also statistically proven fact that if there is interaction between website users, then popularity about product/service is bound to increase. Although, there exist many powerful tools in the market which help in increasing popularity of a product, but in today's everchanging e-commerce and social networking industry, importance of chat system specific to a website can not be ignored. What else could be more cool than talking real time to your customers and understanding their needs, demands and concern. So, here we are with our first product iFlyChat which enables you to integrate chat to your Drupal website. It is popularly known as DrupalChat in Drupal community. 

We officially launched today i.e. 22nd June, 2012.


The First Post


Hopefully, this covers all important WHATs and WHYs related to our company. We would love to discuss more in comments section.

We will write more extensively in future blog posts and will use blog as a medium to keep you in sync with our progress & future roadmap. As of now, we will strongly state that "a CHAT system is a must in today's internet businesses!"

Happy Chatting.



Team iFlyChat

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Posted on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 19:59