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iFlyChat WordPress plugin now supports integration with BuddyPress

Many WordPress customers have requested us to provide integration with BuddyPress plugin. BuddyPress plugin provides social networking capability to WordPress sites. And, it is widely used by WP sites for this purpose. It naturally follows for a chat plugin to provide integration with this functionality.

The new update of iFlyChat plugin for WordPress (released today) detects automatically if buddypress plugin is installed, and if so, then it automatically uses BuddyPress avatars and profile links in the chat.

Below, there is a sample screenshot:

iFlyChat WordPress plugin integration with BuddyPress


WordPress site admins, please update iFlyChat plugin now! If you haven't tried out chat yet, then do so now  - https://iflychat.com/installation-choose-cms!

Posted on Sun, 01/13/2013 - 11:23

Anonymous users are now assigned meaningful names by default

Today, we have released a new version of iFlyChat for both Drupal and WordPress. Earlier, we used to have username for anonymous visitors of a website in the form of "GuestXXXXXXXX" where XXXXXXXX used to be a random generated number.

Public Chatroom     Online user list with meaningful names


Instead of this, we now assign meaningful name (chosen randomly) to a new anonymous visitor. 

Also, now you can change the default prefix, "Guest", for anonymous users to some other prefix of your choice.
Apart from this, we also provide an option to specify a country/region based upon which random names will be generated for new anonymous users of your website.
If you don't see your country in the list and want to use names for the same, then please inform us and we will include it.
We also plan to allow anonymous users to set their name in the chat. This functionality will be available by next week. Happy chatting!
Posted on Fri, 09/21/2012 - 18:51

iFlyChat plugin launched for WordPress

We are pleased to announce that now iFlyChat is available for WordPress. The process of porting iFlyChat from Drupal to WordPress was completed yesterday. iFlyChat plugin for WordPress contains all the features as in Drupal and should provide smoothless integration to your WordPress sites.


The iFlyChat plugin can be downloaded from the following URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/iflychat/.


You can install this plugin in your WordPress site in the following manner:

  • Download and activate the plugin
  • Generate API key from our website for your WordPress site
  • Paste this newly generated API key to iFlyChat plugin settings page available on your WordPress admin dashboard.


The detailed steps of installation, along with screenshots, is available at this URL: https://iflychat.com/installation-wordpress.


The iFlyChat Settings page in WordPress looks like this:

WordPress iFlyChat plugin



iFlyChat plugin comes with the following features:

  • It provides the option to chat privately( i.e. one to one) or you can chat with everyone in public chatroom.
  • Chat appears in the form of a sleek chat bar at bottom right of the browser.
  • It shows a selectable list of online users. Once you choose a particular user to chat with, it creates a new chat window adjacent to the chat list where you can starting chatting immediately.
  • It provides the ability to let anonymous users chat. Engaging unregistered users in chat provides a great opportunity to popularize your community.
  • It provides chat logging and message inbox functionality.
  • It supports smilieys - detects them automatically in chat messages.
  • Your chat history is retained in between page loads.
  • It alerts you via a notification sound when a new chat message is received.
  • It also notifies you by blinking browser title bar upon receiving a new message.

All these features are configurable and can be done so at iFlyChat settings page. Install this plugin now!

Posted on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 13:38

iFlyChat for Drupal 6

Yes the title is totally true. iFlyChat is going live for Drupal 6 websites. Although it took us a little while to release it but we are happy that we have  finally released it. Jsut wanted to make sure that it is bug free. Our apologies to all those who had to wait for some time for 'iFlyChat for Drupal 6', but we promise that the wait would prove to be worth it. All the features which are there for Drupal 7 are available for Drupal 6 too. Initially we had some difficulties in downporting all the features but we kept ourselves pushing for a total replica. And yes we achieved it. 

Features of iFlyChat for Drupal 6 websites :-
1) Attractive popup chat
2) Public anf Private one-on-one chats.
3) SSL
4) CSS customization
5) Tab synchronisation
6) Smileys and sound notification
7) Chat logging/ Inbox
8) Kick and Ban users
Now the websites which are build on Drupal 6 can install it within clicks. Drupal 6 websites which are here for some time and dont want to shift to Drupal 7 have nothing to worry about. With powerful chatting tool like iFlyChat, they can work on increasing user interaction on their website. Needless to day, chatting tool is one of the best and easiest way to increase interactions and popularity on websites. 
In case of any queries, feel free to PING US!
Posted on Sat, 07/21/2012 - 00:29

Our First Feature Update


We have been very excited to post this entry for quite some time. This is a new milestone for us.

Today, we are releasing our first major update since the day we launched alpha version.

Although, we have released some small updates since our initial release. In those updates, some bugs were fixed and functionalities were provided but this is huge. We are sure this update will not just add value to our customers but also help them FLY Higher. We are very excited! And, we had posted about it on Facebook and Twitter last week. 

Now, without further ado, we will tell you the big news!  We are releasing CSS Customization feature. This will enable websites to modify the look of our chat module on their website. They can modify it according to look and feel of their website. And, the best part is - "it requires NO Coding!". A web UI is provided to do the modifications and within some mouse clicks you are good to go. Web administrators just have to go to Configuration Page of DrupalChat and edit these settings. Websites can now change chat panel color, text color, chat list color, customize text of chat header and public chatroom.  Screenshot below will show what all can be changed with which option:


This feature was requested by lot of our existing customers and some are waiting for it to get released. Considering the high demand we assigned this feature the top most priority on our roadmap. (Yes, we have a Roadmap.) But, that is not the focus here, we will talk about it in one of our upcoming posts.

In addition to CSS, some administrative features have been added to provide more power to administrators to control the chat. These also, like CSS customization, can be accessed at Configuration Page of DrupalChat. These features are listed below:

1) Enable/Disable the Public Chatroom.

2) Enable/Disable the Smileys.

3) Enable/Disable the Notification Sound.

We will keep on releasing new features on regular intervals. Stay Tuned!

Have a good day!

Posted on Thu, 07/19/2012 - 21:02